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TROY, NEW YORK — For over a decade, RPI TV has brought top-quality video production to Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and the world through free internet streaming. Staffed by student-volunteers, RPI TV’s mission has been to provide the best possible video coverage of campus events to the global Rensselaer community and others wishing to stay up-to-date on RPI events.

RPI will host an ECAC Hockey playoff series against Brown University, March 4 through March 6. As with every hockey game at the Houston Field House, RPI TV will be on location and recording the games; however, RPI TV will not be live streaming the event.

ECAC Hockey, the Engineers’ hockey conference, owns video broadcasting rights to playoff games and has elected to make the live broadcast available exclusively through their streaming partner, BoxCast, for $9.95 per game. As RPI TV will not be compensated for providing this programming, the organization has decided not to provide a broadcast to BoxCast. Those wishing to view the BoxCast stream may find it on the ECAC Hockey website. RPI TV is not affiliated with this live-streamed production in any way.

In accordance with ECAC Hockey’s policies, on-demand viewing of the games will be made available on the RPI TV website 24 hours after the end of the series. Those wishing to enjoy the games live may listen to the radio broadcast at no charge on the 91.5 FM WRPI website.

RPI TV is disappointed with the decision by ECAC Hockey to charge viewers when multiple options exist to deliver free streaming services. It is further discouraging that ECAC Hockey has not offered to provide compensation for these services, but instead looks to profit from the hard work of our volunteer crew.

Please direct questions regarding RPI TV to and comments concerning streaming arrangements to RPI Athletics and ECAC Hockey. You can support RPI TV in its efforts to provide free and outstanding coverage of RPI Athletics by donating at