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RPI TV and the Rensselaer Alumni Association brought you a live broadcast/webcast of the Men's Hockey Whiteout vs. Cornell on Saturday, February 10.

This production is full of content and firsts including the first instant replay by RPI TV
1st Intermission: Kirk MacDonald Ceremony followed by the the Ring of Honor Ceremony which is presented to Ned Harkness
2nd Intermission: Greek Service Award followed by a video of the introduction to the ECAV project (at 5:10) and a behind the scenes look at RPI TV (at 10:00).
Archive retrieval of this game courtesy of Matt Peteritis.



Name Role
293 Charlie Emala ... Producer
293 Charlie Emala ... Video Switcher Operator
Ph_tiny Rob Prescott ... Camera Operator
Ph_tiny Ken Hyer ... Camera Operator
Ph_tiny Christopher Gearns ... Audio Operator
Ph_tiny Gino Pellicano ... Audio Operator
Ph_tiny Eric Pratt ... Titles
Ph_tiny Dan Ostrov ... Floor Manager
Ph_tiny Eric Klauser ... Floor Manager
169 Brian Zaik ... Production Assistant
Ph_tiny Kendra Krueger ... Production Assistant
Ph_tiny Joe Goullaud ... Editor