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RPI TV in association with WRPI presents Wednesday Night Live featuring Blackcat Elliot, a local Albany based rock band. Described on their website as "Garage Rock songs for the blue collar folk, the broken hearted, the walked on, the unlucky and the unsung heroes," this setlist is sure to entice your fancy.

Setlist (covers currently unavailable):
1. Leaving Her Cold
2. Get Up and Run
3. Make Believe City
4. Kiss and Kill
5. Breakup Song (cover)
6. What Do You Think?
7. Jericho Drive-In
8. Only One You Have
9. Beat on the Brat (cover)
10. No Turning Back
11. Folsom Prison Blues (cover)
12. She's Got Friday Nite
13. Send Her to Me
14. No Matter What (cover)
15. Never Come Clean
16. Breed (cover)



Name Role
168 Reilly Hamilton ... Camera Operator
150 Kyle Mackenzie ... Production Assistant
168 Reilly Hamilton ... Producer
263 John Isabella ... Camera Operator