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This year's NRB 2009 production has been a huge success! Our ambitious team of freshman filmed for an entire day with editing carrying on well into the evening. Be sure to take a look at this year's production featuring murder, murses, zombies, and nerf guns.



Name Role
295 Robert McDonald ... Ketchup Corpse
Ph_tiny Luis Peraza ... CSI "Shorts"
214 MacKenzie Sullivan ... Bright Bandit
Ph_tiny Gabriel Malveaux ... Zombie
Ph_tiny Luis Peraza ... Director
277 Alexandra Niaura ... Director
295 Robert McDonald ... Lead Editor
214 MacKenzie Sullivan ... Assistant to the Regional Editor
160 James Petranik ... General Crew
Ph_tiny John Higham ... General Crew
Ph_tiny Vincent Terranova ... General Crew
Ph_tiny Gabriel Malveaux ... General Crew
182 181 180 179 178 137