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Wherever there is trouble on campus, Detective Nick Waters can be trusted to finish it. And to the chagrin of both would-be criminals and his boss, Nick fights fire with fire: not reading suspect their rights, smoking in and out of buildings, and damaging the occasional property-if it means getting his man.

RPITV and RPITV Studios presents its newest, funniest, and most entertaining short TV program: RPIPD. Trigs McDonald stars as Det. Nick Waters, James Petranik and Reilly Hamilton are Executive Producers, Producing and Direction of Photography is by Ryan Kemper (who stars as the Perp in the premiere), in this new series created by Matthias Galvin.



Name Role
387 Ryan Kemper ... Director of Photography
295 Robert McDonald ... Detective Nick Waters
387 Ryan Kemper ... Perp
295 Robert McDonald ... Writer
214 MacKenzie Sullivan ... Writer
277 Alexandra Niaura ... Writer
396 395 394