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The Student Life Performance Plan is an extremely detailed, in depth document that lists hundreds of objectives and the metrics used to rate their performance for a variety of aspects of Student Life. "Student Life" is a large umbrella, encompassing Athletics, the Archer Center for Student Leadership, the Center for Career and Professional Development, the Dean of Students Office, the Office of the Registrar, the Rensselaer Union, Residence Life, the Student Health Center, Religious Affairs, and the Student Life Office. The Performance Plan Review featured the heads of each of these departments, creating an impressive guest list that included Dr. Sams, Mike McDermott, Dean Smith, Dr. Lawrence, Dean Schill, and Lisa Trahan. The event started with an overview of some key goals by Dr. Sams. Each department head presented a specific one of their goals followed by a short Q&A program.



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168 Reilly Hamilton ... Camera Operator