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After a 3-1 victory in Game 1, will the RPI Engineers make the sweep or will the Ferris State Bulldogs tie it up in the final game of this 2-game series. The first game of this series can be found here.

Commentary for the game provide by WRPI Troy.

DVD and HD Blu-rays are available for all productions at $10 and $15 respectively.



Name Role
264 Kenley Cheung ... Camera
1116 Matt Peteritis ... Producer
433 Candy Lin ... Director (1st, 2nd)
616 Caleb Hoffman ... Director (3rd)
1116 Matt Peteritis ... Camera Operator
616 Caleb Hoffman ... Camera Operator
505 Ben Vreeland ... Camera Operator
623 James Wittel ... Camera Operator
554 Charles Machalow ... Camera Operator
1113 Andrew Armenia ... Instant Replay
1113 Andrew Armenia ... Web Stream
150 Kyle Mackenzie ... Web Stream